This centre was created within CITA premises in order to help those patients who did not fit in with the community model of our addiction treatment.

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About Rehab Center

The therapeutic model that is used at CITA Clinic is the same as in all the rest of CITA centres. It is an intensive treatment method that employs the latest medical, psychological and educational findings to ensure a fast and reliable rehabilitation. At CITA we have three options for undergoing the first two phases of addiction treatment as an inpatient: CITA Community, CITA Foundation and CITA Clinic.

We recommend CITA Clinic for those who would benefit from a smaller, more familiar setting, and who require a more flexible and personalized medical, psychological and educational approach.

For these reasons, CITA Clinic is situated in a peaceful environment in the middle of the mountains, on the outskirts of Dosrius, a place of outstanding beauty and nature. We have limited accommodation. The facilities are designed to help patients to fully focus on their treatment.

Services and Infrastructure

  • Spacious and comfortable one-person rooms with a desk, tv and terrace.
  • Suites: appartment with a living room and a private terrace
  • Own catering with optional personalized diet. Meals cooked from quality products, following a healthy and balanced diet under supervision from our experts on nutrition. Apart from breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, the residents have access to a 24-hours buffet of healthy snacks (fruit, soft drinks, yogurts, etc).
  • Garden and terraces: have been specifically designed to allow patients to enjoy the outside.
  • Outdoor swimming pool with solarium
  • Gym and padel court
  • Because of our location within the Montnegre-Corredor National Park, we have access to numerous trekking paths for walking and meditating.
  • Living room with TV, internet access and press.

Accommodation and Treatment Prices at Cita Community

from 275€/day

Our Rehab Centers

Cita Community

Therapy and rehabilitation
Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.

Cita Clinic

For entrepreneurs and executives
Addictions Clinic which allows to combine a detoxification program with external commitments.

Cita Foundation

Partially subsidised places
Addictions treatment Center that has partially subsidized places.

Cita Outpatient

Therapy and rehabilitation
Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.

Consult our specialists

Please call us or fill out the form on the site, and our specialist will contact you.
Each person is unique, and therefore we develop an individual rehabilitation program for each patient.

We guarantee complete anonymity and we never disclose personal details of our patients.

Telephone+34 937 918 008
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