Within the structure of CITA (center for research and treatment of addictions) CITA community is a space with personalized treatments. The treatments are held in an isolated and peaceful natural environment. We put into practice innovative therapies for detoxification. Our patients also enjoy additional assistance services (yoga, equine assisted psychotherapy, spinning, paddle).

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About Rehab Center

In CITA Community detox center we offer a modality of treatment of addictions based on a therapeutic community. Our goal is to achieve an overall change in the lifestyle of the person. We provide a suitable environment to perform the first two phases of the recovery process successfully.
We are located in the Montnegre Natural Park, a privileged spot 30 kilometers from Barcelona, offering a safe environment which is an effective strategy to avoid risk.
In CITA Community detox center we perform an intensive, multidisciplinary and integral rehabilitation treatment for our patients.

The change in CITA

The fundamental change component in CITA Community is the community itself (professionals and patients), which makes it easier to lear new behaviors, skills and apply contingency management. The treatment of addictions involves a change in the patient’s behavioral model.
Our aim is to replace destructive behavioural patterns to constructive ones with values, and help identify and manage emotions and risk situations that can induce to consumption. Through a program of therapeutic activities conducted by psychiatrists, psychologists, educators and occupational therapists, we counteract the addictive lifestyle and teach our patients how to incorporate a healthy new lifestyle.
Once our inpatient program is successfully finished, the patient may be referred to the CITA URBANA Out Patient Clinic, where the patient can continue his/her treatment with the same clinical team.

Accommodation and Treatment Prices at Cita Community

from 135€/day

Our Rehab Centers

Cita Community

Therapy and rehabilitation
Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.

Cita Clinic

For entrepreneurs and executives
Addictions Clinic which allows to combine a detoxification program with external commitments.

Cita Foundation

Partially subsidised places
Addictions treatment Center that has partially subsidized places.

Cita Youth

Urban and residential therapeutic center
Detoxification center directed to a young people collective that has its own needs.

Cita Outpatient

Therapy and rehabilitation
Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.

Consult our specialists

Please call us or fill out the form on the site, and our specialist will contact you.
Each person is unique, and therefore we develop an individual rehabilitation program for each patient.

We guarantee complete anonymity and we never disclose personal details of our patients.

Telephone+34 937 918 008
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