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CITA is a detox center where we always try to keep updated about the latest news and developments in our field: addictions treatments. We believe that the development and continuous improvement are the best way to continue to maintain our high level of satisfaction among our patients. Today we want to echo the news of a doctoral dissertation at the University Cardenal Herrera (Castellón) that points to the possibility of using topiramate for the treatment of cocaine addiction.

Cocaine treatment

A new and exciting development in the treatment of addictions. Dr. Rosa Lopez, from CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Castellón, has presented a study that points to a new possibility in the treatment of cocaine addiction. According to the study presented topiramate have shown effective in preventing the harmful effects of cocaine at the molecular level.

The dissertation (which is available here ) is set up from the concept of addiction as a disease that causes changes in the structure and functioning of the brain. Many studies have analyzed the way that addiction affects brain activity and disposal.

tratamiento de cocaina

Research also suggests a new adverse effect of cocaine at the neuronal level. Cocaine administration in rats have damaged the spatial memory of lessons learned before cocaine use and caused a decline in the activity of the NF-B protein, which would relate to the problems of memory retrieval that causes such drug.

The human application cocaine treatment with topiramate

Although we are still far from speaking of a new treatment for humans, the research of Dr. Lopez Pedrajas suggests new possibilities for the treatment of addictions. Cocaine abuse is a problem that affects particularly Spain, the second largest consumer of this material and outstanding leader within Europe.