Outpatient Treatment without Admission

Our outpatient center offers counseling for the management of addictions or addictive behaviors. We have a personalized therapeutic monitoring of relapse prevention and correction of triggers with specialists who ensure recovery. In addition, we have an addiction prevention program, as well as support groups for families in our outpatient clinic.

Clinic services

Individual and group therapy

We offer you these 2 therapy options so that you can complement the 2 methods or choose the one that best suits your case.

Prevention programs

We have programs for the prevention of cannabis abuse, smoking and drug addiction for young people.

Support to families

Families can access both family therapeutic groups and individual therapies to assist the recovery of the addict with the necessary emotional tools.

Possibility of overnight stay

We are always with you if you need it. You can take advantage of your stay even on weekends.

Online therapy service

We take care of you without leaving your home with our online therapy service from the hand of our professionals.

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Addiction treatments that we perform in this clinic

From the hand of our professionals


I try to describe my current state of mind and my feelings and it is very difficult for me. My feelings right now are of joy, vitality and enthusiasm, but also of containment of my impulses. I'm halfway from where I want to go, halfway from where I want to get away. And it is not easy. For a long time, my way of doing things has been precipitation and disaster. Now, deep down I feel good, able to face new challenges, but for this I have to become aware of how I am now, where I come from and where I want to go so as not to make more mistakes. There are many events that I do not want to remember, nor should I, at least for now, because I still do not feel strong enough.

I know that other times I have managed to be as I am now, but I also know that I have suffered relapses. The difficult thing is not when I get well, but after a while, when my brain tells me that everything is over, that I can relax and that I can use again, because, if I do it in moderation, it will not bring me problems . I know this is a lie, but there is always a day when I give in to temptation. And then, until I hit rock bottom again, I don't ask for help.
I hope that this time, with the help of professionals and colleagues, it will be the definitive one. I no longer like to consume, I hardly ever have a good time anymore, on the contrary, it is the thing I hate the most, and I only do it because, almost without realizing it, I find myself doing it again.

AnonymousLearn from my past

Hello, Dr. Fàbregas.

I address you as a grateful mother.
A year ago, around this time, my son entered CITA. Today, sitting in his room, here in our house, I remember this event and I want to thank you as director of the Center and all the team that make up this great community.
The professional strategies and the humane treatment that they have poured into the process of healing his addiction have been a beautiful experience, not only for my son but for the whole family. We have personally experienced that a good can come from an evil and that from a limit situation we come out stronger, more grown and more human.
Thanks to CITA I have recovered my son and I will never forget that. But the most important thing is that my son has rediscovered himself and has begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The process is long, but the distance does not matter, but rather having the certainty that the path is the right one.

It is precious to read and listen to the testimonies of so many people who, after having passed through CITA, speak of hope, enthusiasm for life, courage to face adversity and strength to - if they fall - to try again. They speak of gratitude, of that gratitude felt by the one who has been rescued from death. And they speak of friendship, generosity and empathy with those who have been wallowed in the same mud.
As a mother, I have not only gotten my son back, I have reconciled with myself. I have recognized my mistakes, I have asked for forgiveness and I have forgiven myself: and the relief so great that he feels is indescribable.
Now I love my son as he is and I accept him as he is because I have cut the umbilical cord that suffocated us both. And I'm enjoying him like I'm meeting him for the first time.
Life is struggle and day to day is the field in which battles are fought. The blows hurt, but you learn that success is in facing them with courage and defending yourself with good technique.
Thank you, Dr. Fabregas. CITA has been a great school. I encourage you not to give up your efforts to help and care for so many people who need you. Your reward will be great in heaven. With all my affection, I bid you farewell. Please convey my thanks to the entire team, made up of wonderful people who give themselves as their only method of redemption. QUOTE will always be in my heart. A hug.

Letter from a motherOctober 22, 2012.

Although the testimonies of a detoxification center can give the false image that they resemble each other, each one of them is the account of a unique and non-transferable experience, the certificate of an effort to regain health and dignity, the declaration of a deserved triumph.

AnonymousDate in CITA

One day like today I entered Cita, the truth is quite scared and not really knowing what I was doing, but now I thank all those who supported me and helped me take that step that has been one of the most important in my life.

I want to share my joy with those who were there with me, and also encourage people who do not decide to take the step ... because everything is possible if you want and especially if you allow yourself to be helped by professionals.
I encourage everyone!

AnonymousToday I am one year old

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