CITA Foundation Center

CITA Foundation provides help to those who are in the rehabilitation phase. Thus, we can also assist people who could not access our treatments due to financial reasons. We assure you the maximum support thanks to the presence of educators and nurses 24 hours a day.

Clinic services

Sports facilities

We have different sports facilities, such as soccer field, basketball field, table tennis, volleyball court and swimming pool.

Prevention workshops

We have relapse prevention and emotion management to ensure rehabilitation.


Master’s course in natural dressage techniques

Learn to be an equestrian professional and prolong that relationship with horses by starting with our assisted psychotherapy technique.


Auxiliary techniques

We have a range of auxiliary techniques to reinforce emotional well-being with multidisciplinary approaches, ranging from yoga to equine-assisted psychotherapy.


Shared bedrooms

We have shared rooms with television and Wi-Fi for 3, 4 or 5 people.

School insurance

In patients up to 28 years of age in the educational training process, we insure school insurance.

Additional services

We guarantee the maximum care with additional services such as physiotherapy, hairdresser and dentist.



Shared bedrooms

  • Shared rooms for 3, 4 and 5 people.
  • Shared toilet and shower.
  • Gym with spinning, paddle tennis and swimming pool.
  • Basketball and volleyball court.
  • 18 groups / workshops a week.
  • Individual sessions of psychiatrist, psychologist and sociotherapist.



Addiction treatments that we perform in this clinic

From the hand of our professionals



It is the first time that I go down to town after more than three weeks without leaving CITA. I have my doubts. Will you give me a jerk? Will I be able to resist the beer that I want so much?
I feel happy, we walk in a group and we meet people who come and go. You breathe Sunday.
He stopped at the tobacconist and then at the Chinese. I need to buy something. I'm in a hurry.

Let's go to the bar. I order a Diet Coke. I have drunk it in my life. Mmmmmm. Not bad. There is a good atmosphere with the companions, we eat potato chips and sing songs.
It is the first time in many years that I have not had the feeling of scratching myself. I have not felt a bit of anxiety !!!!!! On the contrary, it is fantastic !!!!!
I feel light, free, satisfied with myself. It is as if a great weight has been lifted from me. We continue walking through the streets, the flea market, the sun, another diet coke and more songs.
I'm fine, lightened, free, I'm loving myself.

Could it be that what I feel is happiness?

MontseIs this happiness?

I have been at the CITA clinic for almost three months and now I feel so at home that I am sorry to leave. She had previously been admitted to five other centers, some very good and some not so good, but what makes this place so special is its holistic approach to addiction recovery. Beyond good psychological and psychiatric therapies, CITA has offered me all the necessary help to solve neglected problems. There they have organized and scheduled all appointments (medical, professional or personal) in order to help me achieve a complete reintegration. At CITA, everyone is treated in a personalized way and the staff makes sure your needs are met. Tragically my son died while I was here and a grief specialist was brought in to treat my daughter and me. In such a difficult time, I had the feeling that they were taking full care of me at all times.

As for the patients, I have grown to love them all. Here I have met people so committed to their recovery and with such authenticity that they make you feel like part of a big family. I have never met a group of people so dedicated to being well and showing such honesty to recover from an addiction. In addition to group therapies, we have spent many days together and shared many activities: paddle tennis, yoga, Pilates, gym, television, music, horseback riding, going for a walk or simply chatting.

At this point, my recovery has progressed and I can now move to the level of urban reintegration and leave behind my friends and the wonderful staff who have been by my side throughout this time. For this reason, leaving behind what has been "my family" is a sad moment for me.
A kiss to all.

AnonymousAlmost three months

Tomorrow I enter CITA after many years of continuous consumption. In the end, my family has convinced me that I would never have made this decision myself. Until the last day I have to consume before going to sleep.

January 17: I am less nervous than foreseeable if we take into account that the income will mean a radical change in my life, although this has not yet been fully decided since I have practically been pushed by circumstances. Despite everything, a very positive change has taken place in me: the desire to do things well; I can't let my family down

First three weeks: What at first was not entirely my decision has become a personal challenge that I intend to achieve, like so many other things in my life.
From day one, my head changed radically and I began to work on leaving drugs behind. My mood was one of excessive euphoria, but, little by little, I began to touch my feet to the ground. You cannot change 15 years of consumption in such an easy way.
In these first weeks I have managed to express my deepest feelings, I have learned to relax, to breathe deeply when faced with a problem, to accept my dependence and, above all, to analyze the causes of my problems with the professionals of the clinic. Despite what I learned during this time, my mood was not normal: I was too euphoric and not centered.
Fourth and fifth weeks: In these weeks I have learned one fundamental thing: to think about myself and to manage the problems that arise. Faced with a specific problem, I realize that I have learned more than I thought. I am overcoming situations that, in my daily life, would have undoubtedly led me to abusive use.

Sixth week: I think I have a good process. I have already passed to 2nd phase and I have gone much deeper inside myself. This week I have found with my psychologists the causes of my problems and now we are starting to work on it.

Seventh week: Everything I have learned so far has helped me make important future decisions for my life ...

Anonymous7 weeks and a half

What a great joy when you see what you can achieve with a little desire and effort. If horses can, why can't we?

We have attended a dressage course in which Fénix, an unsociable and fearful horse, is learning to trust and share. At the moment he has not yet finished his change, he is working on it, but his desire to achieve it and ours are not lost. Nowadays, Fénix can already be caressed, you can play with him, he is already beginning to trust people and he is no longer so scared. Step by step, he is changing. And what is just as important: we can do it too.

AnonymousLearning from Horses (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at CITA Clinics)



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