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Take advantage of the convenience of performing therapy from home, but at the same time have a very close monitoring in real time. We have a multidisciplinary approach in our online practice with psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, coaching experts and educators. In addition, this type of therapy reduces transport costs and time. We remind you that online therapy is a complement to face-to-face therapy so that we can ensure your recovery.

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We give you the option to perform the session with WebRTC – Web Real Time Communication – which supports Chrome, Mozilla and Opera. Also, if you need it, you can contact our specialists by phone.

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We follow the patient’s improvements with monitoring and psychological intervention in real time.


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Online therapy is the best option for patients who have different problems such as locomotion difficulties, for example.

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Addiction treatments that we perform in this clinic

From the hand of our professionals



Now I am in my little apartment with all the candles lit. I have several lanterns and lanterns of different colors that produce a pleasant light that, together with the drawings of the shadows that they cause, make the atmosphere of the room something magical. However, all this is not appreciated if I turn on the light, and it is the same place and the same time ...

So it gave me pause. And I think the same thing happens when I look out the window at the sky on a clear night. If the street lamps are on, I can't see the stars clearly, when they go out at dawn, the spectacle in the sky is amazing.

As in my apartment now and outside with the stars, I think about the amount of lights that I had on and that did not allow me to see my interior clearly. Since I started my treatment until today I have been turning off those lights and what I see sometimes scares me and I don't like it, sometimes it surprises me and I don't understand it and sometimes I can't believe that I have that there and I haven't realized it. ..

What things go through my head, sometimes.

AnonymousTurning off the lights

Weeks go by and, in this process of detoxification, I understand many things about myself, which complicated my life and which facilitated consumption.In a workshop we talked about group dynamics: how they are formed, how they arrive to their highest point of relationships and how they are falling apart. The group can make us feel very good and also very bad.

These days I continue to work on how I deal with conflicts, since I almost always flee from them thinking that the simple fact of expressing my point of view will lead to a confrontation. I am understanding that expressing my opinion does not have to end in conflict. I am also working on the issue of assuming responsibilities at work. What others do is not my responsibility, I do not have to assume things that it is not my responsibility to assume.

And I am becoming aware of the damages that alcoholism has brought me: personal suffering, loss of values, disorientation regarding the future, family suffering, damage to the family economy, etc. And also, of the damages that could have occurred in the future. derived from my consumption: illnesses, permanent loss of the family, more personal suffering and mine, more economic losses, loss of work, legal problems, accidents, etc.

I am also addressing the issue of frustration and a very interesting new idea has appeared: when an act of another person bothers us a lot, a lot, perhaps we have to look inside ourselves, since what bothers us so much may have to do with some memory or that reminds us of someone.

In therapy with the psychotherapist I realize that I always put myself on the negative side of things. And that placing myself on the negative side lowers my self-esteem.

You have to put order in your head. I still have many issues to work on.

AnonymousPut order in the head

Talking sometimes makes me bored. Why? I'm not worried, I'm not tired. I get bored and that's it.
Boredom is hard. I have come to CITA because of this boredom, a boredom that has led me to party without limits. And with boredom comes sleepiness, lack of energy, and apathy.
Boredom causes a lack of desire, and this lack leads me to act, to impulsiveness, to action without reflection.
Now it seems that I am much less bored, that I begin to understand the mechanism. And above all, I have started to speak. There is already a light in the back of my mind, albeit a very small light. After a month, I still had three panic attacks in four days.

It is very hard to live with this anxiety that gnaws at me, chokes me and prevents me from breathing. I get rid of this anxiety, I vomit it, but I also begin to live with it. Professionals tell me every day: talk, talk more, always talk. The word is a wonder of the human being. We still have to talk: I free myself. I am myself again. Talked. I want to live, scream, laugh. So as not to get bored anymore.

AnonymousTalk, talk more, talk always

Right now I was thinking that I have very little left, less than three weeks, to complete two years of therapy.
During these two years I have only missed an appointment with the therapist once. It was the second time I saw my psycho, I used and did not show up at the agreed time. Since then, and this happened in mid-June 2010, I have not used again.

I feel strange now. I feel like an inner restlessness, as if the final exams were coming and now I had to show myself that I have learned the lesson and that I have internalized the concepts. I have been a good student, although a bit naughty at times. But I know that I have done and that I am doing what I must to the best of my ability.
Now the time has come to take stock of the situation, to reposition myself, to know where I am standing. I look back and it makes me dizzy. So much has happened in these two years… it has been so intense. Sometimes I have thought of throwing in the towel, other times I have thought I was totally stuck and even thought I was backing off in my therapy. But it has helped me a lot to be constant, not to miss any group, to talk about what I thought and felt, even if I was afraid or ashamed, because there was always someone who listened to me. I have always had someone or people who were attentive to my words, practicing active listening with me, and it has been thanks to other people, colleagues and professionals, friends, family, that I have been able to get ahead and draw strength from where I did not believe have them.

For all this, I want to thank you all, some will not see it because they are not in this Facebook group, but surely my thanks will come to them.
Today I am happier than two years ago, and what is more important, I am a better person.

AnonymousHappier than two years ago, and a better person

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