Direction team

The commitment to always be at the forefront of scientific and technological advances represents a challenge for the management of the Center for Research and Treatment of Addictions (CITA).



Josep Mª Fabregas Pedrell began his professional career at the Marmottande Paris Hospital, where he works with Professor Claude Olievenstein.

Later, he moved to New York and, after several years of professional experience, in 1981 he founded CITA (Center for Research and Treatment of Addictions) with the aim of developing a model of a professional therapeutic community, which has been in operation for 32 years.

Years later, he started a new project with CITA CLINICA and currently, with CITA FUNDACIÓN Y CITA JOVES.



Master in Accounting at the CENTER D’ESTUDIS PRAT academy. Master in Business Administration and Accounting Administration at the EADA SCHOOL OF DIRECTION.

Administration Manager at LABORATORIOS FARMACÉU-TICOS FARMASINES, Barcelona. Financial advisor at GESTORÍA GOMBAU, Barcelona. Manager at SOGEMO IBERICA, S.A., Barcelona. Human Resources Director at PANASONIC, Barcelona.



Trained in social education and psychology, he has specialized in the psychoeducational treatment of addictions.

He comes to CITA after coordinating various educational projects with different groups at risk of social exclusion.

He started out professionally as a social educator, in the field of mental health. For three years he works in most of the existing resources for this group, thus passing through residential, occupational and educational centers.

Later he will coordinate an association of relatives of the mentally ill. Here he begins his experience in Dual Pathology and work with families.

Before coming to CITA, he worked for two years in a Residential Center for Educational Action (CRAE) and in a Shelter Center with adolescents at risk of social exclusion. During this stage he knows the value of prevention in drug addiction.

He currently works at CITA as a therapeutic director.