Online treatment for addictions

We offer treatment options and therapy sessions online for those patients who are unable to stay at one of our residential rehabs or come visit our outpatient clinic.



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In addition to our residential rehab and outpatient clinic, we have a full suite of options available for the online treatment of addictions under CITA OnLine. This is meant for those people who are busy due to work commitments or family dependents, have reduced mobility or live in isolated areas and unable to commute into Barcelona to access our outpatient services.

Research and our own experience has shown that receiving psychological support online can be just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapies – with the added advantage that online treatment for addition can be done from home or anywhere that has a good internet and phone connection.

Through CITA OnLine, we are also able to help our international patients and/ or continue to provide support and therapy to those patients who came to us from outside of Spain and have since completed treatment and returned.

How can I treat my addiction online with CITA?

The first step is deciding you need help with your addiction and reaching out to us. You can fill out the form below and we will make sure that a member of our staff calls you for a confidential conversation and consultation. Alternatively, you can talk to us on +34 937 91 80 08.

We offer the same compassionate, quality care for substance and behavioural addictions through CITA OnLine as we do in-person at our residential rehabs and outpatient clinic.

Our professionals will work out an individualised treatment programme with you, for you. Much like our traditional, therapeutic offering on campus at CITA Community or CITA Clinic, online treatment will be talk-based, with online or over-the-phone sessions taking place either weekly, bi-weekly or at a frequency that has been pre-agreed with you.

One of our psychiatrists can also guide you as to what, if any, medical support you should seek from your doctor/ a doctor.

We can also set up an intervention in real time for those who may need help recognising they have an addiction problem.

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    Why choose online treatment for addiction?

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    Treating addictions online has numerous advantages that make it worth considering as a viable option. First, accessibility is a key factor. By opting for online treatment, geographic and transportation barriers are eliminated, allowing help to be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This is especially beneficial for those who live in remote areas or have difficulty getting around.

    Additionally, online treatment offers scheduling flexibility. Therapeutic and support sessions can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient, allowing treatment to be reconciled with other responsibilities such as work, family or studies. This flexibility helps maintain commitment to the long-term recovery process.

    A very important aspect in some cases is the privacy and anonymity that online treatment provides. By not requiring in-person visits to a treatment centre, the stigma associated with addiction is reduced and a greater level of confidentiality can be offered. This can be especially comforting for those who feel embarrassed or afraid to seek help in person.

    Online treatment for addiction can also have some advantages over traditional treatment in that a variety of digital resources and tools can be used complement therapy. This includes mobile apps, online chat platforms, virtual support groups, and online self-help programmes. These tools can provide additional support between therapeutic sessions and help reinforce coping skills learned during treatment.

    In summary, treating addiction online offers significant benefits in terms of accessibility, flexibility, privacy, and additional support. This treatment modality can be an effective and convenient option for those seeking to recover from addiction in a manner that is comfortable and tailored to their individual needs and/ or prefer the familiarity of their home environment.

    What our patients say about us

    Sonia PazSonia Paz
    13:49 31 Mar 22
    Los terapeutas y auxiliares atienden muy bien las necesidades de su paciente, y los recepcionistas responden a todas las dudas y preguntas de forma amable y rápida. En general son todos muy profesionales y serios en su trabajo, además el lugar es agradable y superbonito.
    Javier CudeiroJavier Cudeiro
    11:15 28 Mar 22
    Un lugar para reflexionar, escuchar, aprender de otros y aceptar cómo eres.Magníficos profesionales que te ayudarán durante tu estancia y después de ella.Un remanso de paz que irá apareciendo de forma más y más clara, si te comprometes contigo mismo.
    mathew MJmathew MJ
    15:20 20 Mar 22
    CITA, un centro ideal para ayudar a las personas con problemas de adicción y salud mental. Yo ingresé hace 2 años y medio y no me arrepiento de nada, fue una etapa mala de mi vida, gracias a saber aprovechar la oportunidad que me dieron tanto mi familia como Cita ahora soy otro ser distinto, ánimo a toda esa persona que necesite ayuda que se deje ayudar por profesionales de verdad, animaros para daros una segunda oportunidad.
    Info VilafrancaInfo Vilafranca
    14:47 28 Feb 22
    Conozco de cerca su increíble equipo de médicos y puedo avalar su profesionalidad y su alto índice de recuperación que tienen en sus pacientes. Realmente muy recomendable.
    Eva González ChavesEva González Chaves
    20:10 11 Feb 22
    Centro de adicciones fantástico, muy cuidadosos con el trato al paciente, muy profesionales, en 4 meses me siento curada

    Let us help you take the first step

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