Drug Addiction Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Addiction

Drug addiction treatment has become the main ally of people who suffer from dependence on different substances. These clinical methods against drug addiction help to dispel the negative consequences caused by the abuse in the consumption of any psychotropic that affect dependent individuals and their environment.

Drug detoxification should be done by trained health professionals in a drug rehabilitation center, such as the Center for Research and Treatment of Addictions (CITA). Find out below how to quit drugs and all the information related to the most effective treatments and therapies.

➔ What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that affects both the brain and the nervous system, as well as the behavior of those who suffer from it. This clinical condition is characterized by unleashing a craving for compulsive drug use; hence, relapses are suffered, one of the impediments to achieving full recovery of the patient, which occurs when a person uses a psychoactive substance again after having tried to quit.

Drug addicts lose their ability to resist the effects of substances over time; That’s because drugs directly affect the parts of the brain that are involved in motivation and reward, learning, memory, and behavior control.

➔ Is it possible to treat it?

Drug addiction treatments exist and are effective, but completing them is not an easy task. Considering that it is a chronic disease, there are many factors that must coincide to be successful.

In principle, time, emotional and pharmaceutical support is required, in addition to the will of all those involved in the process.

Effective drug addiction treatment can accomplish great things.

For example, that the patient stops using substances, that they stay away from them and deal with negative impulses without problems, and that they can successfully reintegrate into their social and family environment.

➔ What is drug addiction treatment?

Over the years, drug addiction treatments have been perfected, always based on the following fundamentals:

  • Perform tests to detect infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis. Also educate patients to avoid contagion.
  • Identify the most effective treatment depending on each case. There is no single method of treating drug addiction.
  • Apply drug addiction treatment as soon as possible, regardless of whether it is voluntary or not, covering all the patient’s needs: emotional, physical and mental.
  • Integrate behavioral therapies and medications into treatment.
  • Provide support to cope with detoxification and cope with withdrawal syndrome.
  • Monitor that drug use does not continue during treatment

➔ What types of therapies are used?

Drug addiction treatment is more effective if they use psychological and emotional therapies such as:

  • Therapies that integrate motivational incentives to control contingencies such as the urge to use again.
  • Family therapies to strengthen the patient’s bond with her environment. This therapy is ideal for adolescent patients.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for the patient to recognize, avoid and face the situations that are triggers for relapse.

At CITA Clinics we have health professionals trained to implement the most effective drug addiction treatments. We use behavioral therapies and reinforce them with medications and an environment that encourages recovery.

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