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Video game addiction or online gaming addiction is very similar in pathology and treatment to substance addiction. CITA offers robust treatment programmes for addiction to video games and has successfully helped many gaming addicts over the years with its tailor-made approach and plans.



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Gamers addicted to video games lose control over how often they play and how long they play.

This habit resembles an addictive behavior, as it is uncontrollable for the addict and they usually suffer from a conduct disorder as a result of not gambling.

Video game addiction is officially a disease, as recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).

This disorder has been included in the International Classification of Diseases since 2018 after years without being updated.

At CITA we have successfully carried out a treatment against video game addiction and have recovered from this strong increase, which begins with the commonly said: video game vices.


It is common to believe that this problem is only common among teenagers, but video game addiction in adults has grown in recent years becoming a problem to be treated. But do we really know what video game addiction is? When is it considered an addiction?

Detecting video game addiction is strictly psychological. In the same way as going out to play sports, playing video games involves a series of mental stimuli that can end up distorting behavior.

There are more and more video game players, which is openly known as the gaming culture, and more and more video game addicts are camouflaged through tournaments and competitive championships worldwide, where the best players compete like a professional league; known as eSports.

This form of entertainment generates a series of positive effects on adolescents and adults, but it can also cause a disorder that causes addiction to video games and generates a change in the player’s life.

Addiction to online games is identified when dependence on video games becomes so intense that more time is spent than should be dedicated to the daily obligations and responsibilities of each person.

There have been cases in which a video game addict has spent more hours playing than sleeping, players who do not rest to eat, or who suffer from mental disorders such as hearing video game identifiers while at rest.

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    It is important to keep in mind that the causes of video game addiction can be varied and depend on several factors, but currently the most fashionable video games and those that cause the most disorders of admission to an addiction center are those known as role-playing video games and Battle Royale video games.


    002 mission

    Perform missions within the video game

    In both cases, the game itself is set up so that players always have some reason to keep playing, whether it’s today or tomorrow.

    That is to say, most of these games have internally a set of missions to perform to get a prize, whether they are experience points to level up or to get certain items that make them exclusive.

    003 badge

    They allow you to gain recognition

    Not only that, but when we talk about level, we can talk about recognition, leader or even social recognition within the game itself.

    Often, the level limit is high so it requires hours and hours of dedication. 

    001 update

    The Video Game Is Infinite: Updates

    Practically when the game is about to be completed, the creators of the game usually release an update where new goals appear to be accomplished. This strategy allows developers to keep their audience, causing many players to become addicted to video games.

    004 battle

    Battle Royale adiction

    This new game mode like Fortnite, among others, that try to compete against other players in real time to survive by eliminating the rest of the characters. This system generates frustration when you don’t win the game because you lose matches against other players.

    This generates an eagerness to be better, requiring more and more hours of training and ends up generating vice to video games. And an addiction to Fortnite or any game of this type, trapping both adults and teenagers and generating anxiety.


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    The symptoms of video game addiction in adults and adolescents are evident and, if detected, they should contact a specialist such as the expert psychologists at CITA Clinics.

    • Playing video games for more than four hours a day straight without stopping.
    • Always prefer video games to other recreational activities.
    • Avoiding encounters with friends and even abandoning friendships to devote more time to video games.
    • Feeling the need to play constantly and not resting or thinking about other things.
    • Neglecting their work, harming their school or work performance.
    • React with irritation if time restrictions are interrupted or imposed.
    • Inability to enjoy other activities and sudden mood swings or a tendency to isolate
    • Spending too much money, even if you have other payment priorities.
    • Poor diet and eating disorders as a consequence.

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      As with all addictions, online and offline video game addiction treatment begins with acknowledging the problem. Due to the novelty of this pathology, identifying this problem is often complex.

      Dr. Fàbregas identifies the essential factors for the treatment approach.

      1. Recognize the vice of video games

      Sometimes, neither the game addict nor their environment are able to recognize the problem at first, but when the addiction begins to develop is when they stop resisting the obvious and seek help to quit video games.

      When a subject shows clear signs of anxiety or changes in attitude if it is impossible for them to carry out the activity, it is when they must act more quickly.

      2. Identify and separate addiction from social problems

      It is necessary to make clear the nature of this disease and specify what factors are the consequence of the problem, since there is no single cause of video game addiction.

      Sometimes, it comes as a consequence of a social, family or other type of deprivation in which the addiction to the computer or the console is simply the pinnacle of the problem and not the problem itself.

      But it can also be the opposite, that addiction affects the rest of the situations. In this case, the order of the factors does alter the result.

      3. Vice: Control and limit frequency. Substitute for other activities

      Playing computer games doesn’t have to be addictive. A responsible use of these gaming tools should be for recreational purposes and not exceed certain limits.

      The moment we feel that computer or console video games disrupt our habits, we must limit the time spent and practice other activities.

      4. Perform video game cessation therapy

      More and more players are suffering from role-playing addiction. This is the case of: WOW addiction, LOL addiction, Fortnite addiction or addiction to adult video games.

      Role-playing games are usually the most addictive since there is no endgame and they encourage you to continue playing for hours and hours to achieve more goals. Unlike the usual games, which once finished were already put aside, this type of game has no end.

      To find out how to treat video game addiction, it is necessary to go to one of the rehabilitation centers for addicts in order to detect the root of the problem and start the relevant treatment.

      If you think you may be facing a disorder due to video games and need help, fill out this contact form where specialists in treating video game addicts will solve your addiction.

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