Equine assisted psychoterapy (EAP) is an innovative technique to treat stress, depression and addiction disorders.  CITAis the first center in Spain who uses this technique for adicction and dual diagnosis.

Did you know that Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is indicated to treat stress, anxiety, depression and addiction disorders? Horse therapy is based on the use of the horse as a therapeutic element to treat various physical and mental disorders and it is a very valuable resource for detoxification and rehabilitation processes.
The most popular treatments of equine therapies are for children with down syndrome, autistic or hyperactive children and therapy for adolescents with behavioral or socialization difficulties. Less well known but no less effective is its use to assist in the rehabilitation of addictions. In CITA clinics we use the EAP to work effectively in cases of addiction including cocaine, alcohol, cannabis, heroin, benzodiazepines, gambling , quitting smoking, in cases of dual diagnosis and in treatment of behavioral disorders due to addiction.

What does it involve?

In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), horses are the tool for learning of values, becoming aware of attitudes and for emotional growth. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy consists in various activities with horses where the patient explores emotions, behaviors and patterns of behavior. This interaction generates awareness and changes in the patients attitudes and helps develop emotional growth.
These activities are carried out on the ground, so it is not required any previous experience with horses or riding, and it does not involve any danger for the patient.
The objectives to be achieved are: discipline, creativity, control and management of situations, increase in confidence and empathy, etc…

CITA is the pioneer center in this treatment

CITA has been for years and remains today the pioneer in the use of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for the treatment of addictions. In CITA we use a model of high-quality treatment. Our EAP team includes one mental health specialist and an equine specialist together with the horse.

A privileged therapy

Horses require work, whether we are taking care of them or working with them. In an era with a policy of immediate gratification, horses are so valuable as they teach us about physical and mental commitment, both so important in addiction treatment.
Horses have the ability to accurately reflect what the patient’s body language is telling. Some patients will complain that “the horse is stubborn” or that “they did not like the horse”.. However the lesson here is to learn, that if we change, the horses will respond differently. Horses are honest and this makes them powerful and effective partners.

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