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In the recovery process, people with dependence on substances need to be vigilant about negative automatic thoughts, as these can lead them to make bad decisions, reduce attention and re-using.
Negative automatic thoughts are misleading and allow one to find «logical arguments» to keep and even take them out. For example:
Automatic thought «What a good food, I sit right now a good beer now».
Distortion of thought: You think you will be able to control your drinking. Although often experience a brief rise of tone mood when you start drinking, discomfort ensues after not being able to take only a beer and just losing control. After three or four beers, one is flooded with rage, depressed and start discussions. It will end up losing the temper and feeling guilty. Next morning, he wakes up with a hangover and despises himself.
Maybe you wake up and discouraged say to yourself: «What’s the point getting out of bed?» You may feel less tense or in a meeting with other people because you think to yourself, «I have nothing funny or interesting to say.» These negative thought patterns are responsible for you feeling depressed and anxious. If you think about your problems in a more positive and realistic way, you will experience increased self-esteem, better relationships and better performance.

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