Commitment to always be ahead of scientific and technological progress means a challenge to address the center for research and treatment of addictions.

Lluís Garcia Bofill

P.A.E. Specialist

Specialist in equine assisted psychotherapy techniques (P.A.E) and horse coaching. CEO and Founder of Equus Centre; horse therapy is a technique to treat emotional problems, stress, depression and addictions, among others.
He uses the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and LearningAssociation) methodology as a certified professional.

The P.A.E. is a technique where personality aspects are worked on through interaction with the horse. It allows to treat some disorders of the mental and emotional health and specific needs of the human being as problems of conduct, deficit of attention, eating disorders, addictions, abuse of substances, problems of relation, communication, confidence, fears, obsessions and self-esteem.

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