Commitment to always be ahead of scientific and technological progress means a challenge to address the center for research and treatment of addictions.

Maria del Carmen Sánchez


Graduated in Psychology and specialized in clinical psychology, training in psychoanalysis, family therapy and group.

Lecturer in the Psychology Department of the Ramon Llull University, she is a psychotherapist and coordinator in the CITA centers.

Carmen del Corral 


Graduated in Social Psychology from the School of Social Psychology of E. Pichón Riviere, Argentina. Psychodramatist at the Argentine School of Psychodrama. Specialized in coaching, neurolinguistic programming, stress management, emotional intelligence and coordination in mental health programs.

Santiago González


Santiago González has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. Graduated in Mental Health groups. He is currently in continuous formation linked to the Freudian Field Institute Europe, Clinical Section of Barcelona.

He has also been involved for a number of years in Drug Addiction and Alcohol Research, a group that works in an international network. Attends the clinical seminars given by the same Institute in collaboration with the Therapeutic Community of Maresme. For some years now, he has worked as an individual and group psychologist at CITA, a center with which he has always been linked thanks to the practical and educational training he has received.

Fernando Juarez


Degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Oriented from the beginning in clinical specialization and research, he participates in different services and institutions in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, both public and private.

He continues his training in the Clinical Section of Barcelona, linked to the World Association of Psychoanalysis and in the Seminary of the Freudian Field. Since 2009 he is part of a Research Group dedicated specifically to drug addiction and alcoholism and is a member of the editorial board of NODVS magazine.

Andrea de la Torre


Degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Currently, he continues his training continuously in the field of clinical psychology within an integrative model.

It belongs to the Catalan Association for the Clinic and Teaching of Psychoanalysis. Focused on research in Mental Health, it collaborates in carrying out studies with professionals related to the field of drug addiction.

Fortunata Carratu


Degree in Psychology from the Second University of Naples Studies. He completed masters in Clinical Psychology and Psychodiagnosis.

He specialized in the field of drug addiction, developing a primary prevention project in adolescents. Investigated and worked on SERT (toxic addiction service) in Italy.

In Spain he has followed the same line of work, coordinated training courses in addictive behavior and working in the treatment of addictions as Responsible Therapeutics.

Marta Cuchet


Degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She works as a day educator in our social integration program in Barcelona and as a psychologist in the outpatient regime. He is currently studying the Postgraduate Course in Clinical Psychopathology taught by the University of Barcelona.

Fatima Benslaiman


Degree in Psychology (Clinical) and Master in General Health Psychology at Blanquerna Faculty. Ramón LLull.

She studied at the École de Psychologues de Paris where she studied Psychopathology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuropsychoanalysis and Stress Psychopathology, and acquired her professional experience in several public and private centres where she continues to carry out diagnoses and therapeutic interventions. In continuous training in Mindfulness with the aim of integrating third generation therapies in the treatment of addictions.

Imad Samadi


Degree in Psychology from the Universitat de Barcelona.

Previously he worked as an associate professor and project coordinator at the Universitat de Barcelona and as a psychologist at the Centro de Psicología Psicosedna.

Eric Acebes


Graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona (UB).
Postgraduate degree in techniques and principles of cognitive-social psychotherapy.
Postgraduate degree in the analysis of therapeutic processes.
Master in cognitive-social psychotherapy at the University of Barcelona (UB).

Stay at Ghent University based on clinical diagnosis and psychopathology (2013).

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