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Detoxification centers | A day to live
In detox centers have a certain routine. In that we are no different from anywhere else.Today we dedicate a space on the web from the center to leave the testimony of a patient tells of a day in the Center for Research and Treatment of Addiction (CITA); one day as ordinary as exceptional. Here, on the website of the clinic, we like to publish from time to time testimonies that patients pay us. The testimonies have several functions and meet objectives that we consider important. First, show the reality of a detox center. A reality that often, should get rid of myths and prejudices. Moreover the inclusion of testimonies gives us the opportunity to talk to those who perhaps hesitate to undertake the path that will get rid of an addiction. This path is always difficult to start and for that, these testimonials offer recognizable models, people who have already made a part of this journey that others will have to go.


What a wonderful sunday. Although the day started cloudy, it was a perfect day because, from seven in the morning, we were expecting the desired output. Go find the horses, wash them (especially Fado, which is not that he was dirty, but had reached a new level of dirt) and saddling. What we do every day routine, that day it was not. It was a special day.

On leaving, we were slog, enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, came the costs and then… go at full gallop. What a wonderful feeling. A way that you do every day is suddenly special. And so on, we alternating trot and canter, to the lookout and beyond, through a gorge where the high walls of each room shows the long roots hanging down to the ground from the trees that were on the slope.

Earlier, we had lunch in a clearing. Seemed a bespoke site: rocks to sit, or vegetation like that in a dense jungle, and tranquility.

Back at the clinic was curious to realize that what had taken us two hours and peak way we did in an hour and a half back. It’s amazing how what you do every day can become magical suddenly, making you feel new sensations and, best of all, free feel in the middle of nowhere. It was a day to enjoy, a day to live.