Urban cita is the cita detox center located in Barcelona providing residential or outpatient care, therefore supporting continual progress of the patient while they are involved in their family and/or professional life.

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Urban Reintegration Center

When the patient has demonstrated realistic reintegration and containment levels are judged sufficient, we propose following up through the URBAN addictions clinic. This resort, located in Barcelona, has been designed in order to smooth the transition from a position of environmental protection, such as CITA COMMUNITY, FOUNDATION OR CLINIC, to the social URBAN working city environment.
The patient begins to operate normally by starting to work or study, and he or she continues attending individual and group therapy as an Out Patient. Therapists are the same ones as they worked with while they were inpatients.
Likewise, our doctors, psychologists and social workers work overseeing the rehabilitation efforts, weekly goals and social and family relationships. Our employment specialists guide our patients in an agile and efficient way.
URBAN CITA expands the possibilities of use of leisure time, providing healthy leisure alternatives away from those which may pose a risk of drug use.
The time spent at URBAN CITA is very individual and depends on each person in regard to their family, social and work situations . In some cases, it’s possible to shorten one’s stay at COMMUNITY CLINIC in order to extend it at URBAN CITA.
Some patients with dual disorders require ongoing monitoring. URBAN CITA addiction clinic offers a day clinic system Monday to Friday, ensuring continuity of care as well as time well spent in therapeutic workshops.

Consult our specialists

Please call us or fill out the form on the site, and our specialist will contact you.
Each person is unique, and therefore we develop an individual rehabilitation program for each patient.

We guarantee complete anonymity and we never disclose personal details of our patients.

Telephone+34 937 918 008

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Our Rehab Centers

Cita Community
citas cita comunidad 1

Therapy and rehabilitation
Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.

Cita Clinic
citas cita vip

For entrepreneurs and executives
Addictions Clinic which allows to combine a detoxification program with external commitments.

Cita Foundation
citas cita fundacion 1

Partially subsidised places
Addictions treatment Center that has partially subsidized places.

Cita Youth
citas cita jovenes 1

Urban and residential therapeutic center
Detoxification center directed to a young people collective that has its own needs.

Cita Outpatient
citas cita ambulatoria 1

Therapy and rehabilitation
Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.