In our person-centred approach, we recognise that BPD can affect many areas of life, from relationships to mental health. We want to offer you personalised resources and solutions so you can take control and work towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.



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Find out what makes the best Borderline Personality Disorder treatment centres in Spain stand out and why choosing us makes a difference to your recovery.

Our team of mental health and addictions experts is here to guide you every step of the way. We believe in a holistic approach that addresses not only the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, but also the underlying causes, giving you the tools you need to build a healthier future.

The best Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Clinic.

We understand that finding a top Mental Health treatment centre that promotes holistic wellness is a crucial step on the road to recovery.

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What is borderline personality disorder?

This is a mental disorder that defines someone who displays prolonged highly unstable emotional behaviour, impulsive actions and problematic relationships with others.

The origin of borderline personality disorder, also known as BPD, is unknown. Different hypotheses point to genetic, familial and social factors.

Risk factors have been established, such as neglect in childhood or adolescence, a dysfunctional family environment with communication deficits, or having suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

Although BPD is more frequently diagnosed in women, this does not mean that men cannot suffer from it.

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Some of the symptoms that people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) usually present are inconsistency in their interests and values, a radically extreme assessment of everything, changing opinions about others which leads to unobjective, disproportionate and unstable relationships, intense fear of abandonment, inability to accept loneliness, frequent feelings of emptiness and lack of interest, excessive feelings of anger, compulsiveness (including substance abuse or sexual relations), repetitive crises of anxiety, acts of self-harm (including overdoses).

Thus, this disorder may present among other problems depression, drug addiction, work, family and social problems and suicide attempts and suicide.

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CITA Clinics | Borderline Personality Disorder

Types of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPDD)

BPDD is one of the most common types of borderline personality disorder. It is characterised by emotional instability, tumultuous interpersonal relationships and a fluctuating self-image. Identifying these patterns is essential for an accurate diagnosis.

Borderline Narcissistic Personality Disorder (BPDNPD)

BPNDPD presents narcissistic traits, where the affected person may show a constant need for admiration and lack of empathy. Understanding how these traits manifest themselves is fundamental to addressing this specific type of BPD.

Borderline Histrionic Personality Disorder (BPD)

BPD is characterised by constant attention seeking and exaggerated emotional expression. Analysing the behaviours associated with this type of BPD provides a clearer picture of how it affects the daily lives of those who experience it.

In addition, at this stage, the aim of specialists is to become involved in the patient’s evolution. Achieving individual and personalised treatment is our commitment, and it is what makes us a leading addiction centre worldwide.

The professionals at CITA pay the necessary attention to each patient during the course of treatment, ensuring the well-being and successful recovery of each patient.

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