Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is an innovative technique to treat stress. Depression and addiction problems. At CITA Clinics we are precisely the first Equine Therapy Centre in Spain to use this technique for the treatment of addictions.



Did you know that Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is indicated to treat stress, anxiety, depression or addiction problems? Equine therapy is based on the use of the horse as a valuable therapeutic element to treat different physical and psychological disorders and is a valuable resource for detoxification and rehabilitation of addictions. The most popular treatments of equine therapy are therapies with autistic children, hyperactive children or children with Down’s syndrome, as well as therapies with adolescents with behavioural disorders or socialisation difficulties.

Less well known, but no less effective, is its use to help in the rehabilitation of addictions. At CITA clinics we have used ECP to work effectively in cases of addiction to cocaine, alcohol, cannabis, heroin, benzodiazepines, compulsive gambling, tobacco, dual pathologies and in the treatment of behavioural addictions.



In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), horses are a tool for learning values and attitudes and for emotional growth. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy consists of participating in different activities with horses and subsequently elaborating the emotions, behaviours and behavioural patterns that this interaction has generated, so that positive and lasting changes are obtained.

These activities are carried out on foot, so no previous experience with horses is necessary and, of course, it does not involve any kind of danger for the patient.

The objectives to be achieved are: discipline, creativity, control and management of situations, increased confidence and empathy, etc.


CITA has been for years, and continues to be today, a pioneer in the use of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for the treatment of addictions. At CITA we use a high quality treatment model that requires this therapy to be carried out by a team consisting of a mental health professional and an equine specialist.

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    Horses require work, whether caring for them or working with them. In an age where immediate gratification is the norm, horses require physical and mental engagement, a valuable characteristic in all aspects of life.

    More importantly, horses have the ability to accurately reflect what the patient’s body language is telling them. Some will complain that ‘the horse is stubborn’ or ‘the horse doesn’t like me’, etc. But the lesson to be learned is that if we change, horses will respond differently. Horses are honest and this makes them powerful and effective interlocutors.


    While being with horses, whether for riding, leisure or sport, is certainly beneficial from a physical and emotional point of view, ECP offers the following benefits to those with mental, emotional and behavioural problems.

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    What do our patients say about us?

    Sonia PazSonia Paz
    13:49 31 Mar 22
    Los terapeutas y auxiliares atienden muy bien las necesidades de su paciente, y los recepcionistas responden a todas las dudas y preguntas de forma amable y rápida. En general son todos muy profesionales y serios en su trabajo, además el lugar es agradable y superbonito.
    Javier CudeiroJavier Cudeiro
    11:15 28 Mar 22
    Un lugar para reflexionar, escuchar, aprender de otros y aceptar cómo eres.Magníficos profesionales que te ayudarán durante tu estancia y después de ella.Un remanso de paz que irá apareciendo de forma más y más clara, si te comprometes contigo mismo.
    mathew MJmathew MJ
    15:20 20 Mar 22
    CITA, un centro ideal para ayudar a las personas con problemas de adicción y salud mental. Yo ingresé hace 2 años y medio y no me arrepiento de nada, fue una etapa mala de mi vida, gracias a saber aprovechar la oportunidad que me dieron tanto mi familia como Cita ahora soy otro ser distinto, ánimo a toda esa persona que necesite ayuda que se deje ayudar por profesionales de verdad, animaros para daros una segunda oportunidad.
    Info VilafrancaInfo Vilafranca
    14:47 28 Feb 22
    Conozco de cerca su increíble equipo de médicos y puedo avalar su profesionalidad y su alto índice de recuperación que tienen en sus pacientes. Realmente muy recomendable.
    Eva González ChavesEva González Chaves
    20:10 11 Feb 22
    Centro de adicciones fantástico, muy cuidadosos con el trato al paciente, muy profesionales, en 4 meses me siento curada

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