Fees for treatment at CITA Centers

Our rehab centers are a benchmark in Spain and are among the best rated by patients and ex-patients. We are also highly respected in the professional community with addiction-specialists and psychiatrists across the continent referring users to us.

At CITA we want to help you change your life by offering personalised treatment programs, the best experts in the field and state-of-the-art facilities all located in the tranquil, green environment of the mountains by Dosrius, 50 kms from Barcelona. You can find fees for all our clinics below.

English and French translation services are available as an extra.

Cita fundación - clínica de desintoxicación
from 137€/ day
Registration 500€

CITA Foundation

  • Shared rooms for 3 to 5 people
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Individual sessions with a psychiatrist, psychologist and sociotherapist
  • Relapse prevention, and detection and correction of triggers
  • Personalised help in the rehabilitation phase
  • Presence of staff and nurses 24 hours a day
  • All meals included
Centro cita comunidad
from 147€/ day
Registration 1950€

CITA Community

  • Shared rooms with mountain views and large, shared bathrooms
  • Individual rooms with or without different types of en-suites
  • Gym, horse riding, spinning, paddle and swimming pool
  • Individual sessions with a psychiatrist, psychologist and sociotherapist.
  • All meals included


Cita fundación - clínica de desintoxicación
from 327€/ day
Registration 1950€

CITA Clinic

  • Individual rooms: spacious and comfortable equipped with a work table, television and terrace
  • Suites: apartments with living room, private terrace
  • Psychiatric assistance, medical assistance, psychotherapy, sociotherapy, workshops, equine therapy, etc.
  • Possibility of doing therapy from anywhere
  • Outdoor pool with solarium area
  • Dedicated chefs and all meals included
Centro de desintoxicación en Lleida
from 80€/ day


  • Online therapy service for outpatients
  • Psychological treatment with innovative remote techniques
  • Psychological intervention in real time
  • Certified professionals available
  • Possibility of doing therapy from anywhere
  • Self-regulation
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    If necessary, we have an exclusive service for those patients who require an exceptional level of privacy and comfort.


    We are committed to providing a high level of confidentiality and privacy to our patients at all times.

    If you are interested in this service, please get in touch so we can tell you more.

    Cita fundación - clínica de desintoxicación
    from 80€/ day

    CITA Ambulatory/ Outpatient

    • Outpatient treatment of drug dependence, impulsive disorders and behavioral disorders without admission
    • Therapeutic groups to support families
    • Possibility of overnight stay
    • Relapse prevention, and trigger detection and correction
    • Online therapy service

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      Do all our centers have a registration fee?

      At CITA Clinics we have a varied price range, and some of the modalities do include registration. Specifically, 3 of our detoxification centers in Barcelona have this initial payment for admission:

      • CITA Foundation Center: registration fee of 500 euros.
      • CITA Community Center: registration fee of 1950 euros.
      • CITA Clinic Center: registration fee of 1950 euros.
      What is the price of the detoxification centers with which we collaborate throughout Spain?

      When looking for private detox centers, the prices may seem high, but the truth is that there is a huge range of costs depending on the facilities and services they offer.
      This also happens at CITA Clinics, where we have a team of addiction therapy experts throughout Spain who will accompany you at all times during your return to normality. The cost of our services varies depending on each personal case, but as a general rule they range from 75 euros onwards.
      At CITA we know that prices are an important factor to take into account when choosing your detox clinic in Spain. Therefore, it is essential that you have the best specialists at your disposal 24 hours a day. Only then can you ensure that your addiction therapy has the expected results.

      Can I use the internet?

      Without a doubt, in our center, we offer you all the comforts, including Wi-Fi, always respecting the instructions of your therapist. Your well-being is our priority.

      Can I work online?

      Of course, in our center you can continue working online if your situation allows it. Your recovery fits your life.

      Can I receive visitors?

      Of course, you can receive visitors according to established guidelines and schedules. Your social support is welcome in your recovery process.

      Do you have individual rooms?

      Absolutely, we offer individual rooms to ensure your privacy and comfort during your recovery process. Your well-being is our priority.

      Can I have TV in my room?

      Of course, in your room at our center you can enjoy television to relax and entertain yourself during your stay. Your comfort is important to us.

      centro de tratamiento de adicciones

      What our patients say about us

      Sonia PazSonia Paz
      13:49 31 Mar 22
      Los terapeutas y auxiliares atienden muy bien las necesidades de su paciente, y los recepcionistas responden a todas las dudas y preguntas de forma amable y rápida. En general son todos muy profesionales y serios en su trabajo, además el lugar es agradable y superbonito.
      Javier CudeiroJavier Cudeiro
      11:15 28 Mar 22
      Un lugar para reflexionar, escuchar, aprender de otros y aceptar cómo eres.Magníficos profesionales que te ayudarán durante tu estancia y después de ella.Un remanso de paz que irá apareciendo de forma más y más clara, si te comprometes contigo mismo.
      mathew MJmathew MJ
      15:20 20 Mar 22
      CITA, un centro ideal para ayudar a las personas con problemas de adicción y salud mental. Yo ingresé hace 2 años y medio y no me arrepiento de nada, fue una etapa mala de mi vida, gracias a saber aprovechar la oportunidad que me dieron tanto mi familia como Cita ahora soy otro ser distinto, ánimo a toda esa persona que necesite ayuda que se deje ayudar por profesionales de verdad, animaros para daros una segunda oportunidad.
      Info VilafrancaInfo Vilafranca
      14:47 28 Feb 22
      Conozco de cerca su increíble equipo de médicos y puedo avalar su profesionalidad y su alto índice de recuperación que tienen en sus pacientes. Realmente muy recomendable.
      Eva González ChavesEva González Chaves
      20:10 11 Feb 22
      Centro de adicciones fantástico, muy cuidadosos con el trato al paciente, muy profesionales, en 4 meses me siento curada
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