Best detox centers in Spain and Europe.

CITA’s infrastructure and recognition of the most advanced treatments allow its centers to be recognized as one of the best detoxification centers in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.


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Located in a quiet and natural environment, the CITA Clinics detox center is the perfect place for a lasting recovery. We offer complete residential treatment, with detoxification and withdrawal therapies to quit addiction. Our commitment does not end here.

We also provide you with personalized care after admission to avoid relapses. The medical team will accompany you throughout the process to establish healthy habits, generate new interests and regain your self-esteem. Whatever your addiction, at the CITA detox clinic we take the first step with you.


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Our high rate of success in treatments is thanks to the innovative therapies with which we work in our detox clinic.

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In our center we treat patients in any state of dependency thanks to our network of integrated centers. With our addiction treatments, detoxification and cessation protocols, we fully and comprehensively attend to the addictions of our patients. At CITA we are also a research center that allows us to have the most advanced techniques in our treatments.

The purpose of the CITA addiction center is to treat patients and their addictions in an individualized and progressive way so that they can later be easily reintegrated into social and work settings. We are experts in drug addictions and behavioral addictions. All the activities that are carried out in our detoxification clinics have a therapeutic purpose for a greater recovery.

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